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Thanks for visiting my blog. As a token of my appreciation, I am offering a free electronic copy of my book  ” YOU CAN BE LIKE JESUS”. In this book, I  present in simple and easily applicable terms, steps required of every Christian to ensure a steady growth in their walk with God. This book is beneficial to those who have recently begun an active relationship with Christ, or those who have gotten into a rut in their walk with God. It is also a very handy tool for those who are mentoring new believers.

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Some of the questions that are answered in the book include:

  • What does it really mean to be a child of God?
  • What are some steps that I need to take to ensure that my walk with God is steady and consistent?
  • What are some “power habits” that I can develop to make me a more effective follower of Christ?

    You can buy a hard copy by clicking on the HARD COPY link or get an electronic Kindle version.It is my desire that everyone that needs this book gets a copy of it. I encourage you to send this page to anyone who needs it so that they can not only get the book but also get my powerful tips on living victoriously as a Christian. Thanks.